Instructor: M. David Merrill
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Course Approach:

This course is available in three versions: (1) As a set of resources to study on your own. (2) As an online virtual workshop in which you can interact with the instructor and other workshop participants. (3) As a college course for credit. (Click here for workshop registratation or to enroll for college credit).

Course Description:

This is an instructional design course for students of instructional technology or for instructional designers in the field. If you enroll in this course as a workshop or for college credit you will evaluate the e3 (engaging, effective, efficient) quality of existing instructional materials and you will design e3 online instructional materials that implement a problem-centered peer-interactive instructional strategy based on First Principles of Instruction. You will receive critique of your work from other workshop or course participants and from your instructor.

Course Orientation (Click on each of the following topics for more information):

Previous Knowledge and Skill.
Orientation to First Principles of Instruction.
Orientation to the e3 Course Evaluation Rubric.
Orientation to the Pebble-in-the-Pond model of instructional design.
Orientation to a Problem-Centered instructional strategy.
Orientation to developing a functional prototype.
Orientation to studio appoach to instruction.
Orientation to peer-collaboration and peer-critique.
Orientation to online conferencing.
Tutorial on PowerPoint as a prototyping tool.

Course Documents (Click here for links to course documents).

Previous Knowledge and Skill (Click here for course prerequisites).

Demonstration Courses (Click here to review demonstration courses).

Projects (Click on each of the following topics for project details).

Task 1 Identify a Progression of Problems. [Click here for details]
Task 2 Identify Component Skills. [Click here for details]
Task 3 Design Course Strategy and Interface. [Click here for details]
Task 4 Develop a Final Version of Your Functional Prototype. [Click for details]
Task 5 Evaluate your Prototype with a Small Group of Stucents. [Click for details]






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