Orientation to First Principles of Instruction

Based on a review of instructional design theories, methods, and practices your instructor identified a set of instructional principles that are included in most instructional design prescriptions. These principles seem to have universal acceptance regardless of theoretical orientation.  The approach of this course is to design and develop a short course based on First Principles of Instruction. 

The most recent and complete paper on First Principles of Instruction is the following:

Merrill, M. D. (2009). First Principles of Instruction. In C. M. Reigeluth & A. Carr (Eds.), Instructional Design Theories and Models: Building a Common Knowledge Base (Vol. III). New York: Routledge Publishers. [Click here to review this document.]

Your instructor has developed a course evaluation rubric that can be used to determine the application of First Principles of Instruction in an existing course. In this course we will use this e3 The following article describes this course evaluation rubric and its application.  course evaluation rubric to determine the effectiveness, efficiency and engagement of a number of different courses. You will have an opportunity to apply this rubric to a number of existing courses and to your own course as it is developed.

Merrill, M. D. (2009). Finding e3 (effective, efficient and engaging) Instruction. Educational Technology, 49(3), 15-26. [Click here to review this document]







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