Orientation to online conferencing

Students in the past have found that a virtual face-to-face meeting is helpful for an online class. Therefore we will plan to meet online each week at a scheduled time (unless we mutually decide otherwise). I will set up these F2F meetings. You will receive an email indicating the URL for each meeting. During the meeting time click on the URL you receive to join the meeting.  Each meeting will start 15 minutes before the scheduled class time. It is highly recommended that you plan to join the meeting early so that there is not a delay while folks get their audio and video working properly.

For these online meetings you will need a headset with earphones and a microphone. Without a headset there is delayed feedback from your speakers to your microphone so that the speaker hears his own voice played back with a slight delay. This is most disruptive for the speaker. It is also desirable to have a webcam then when you are speaking I can give the video to you so that others in the class can see you as you speak. The conference software we will use will also allows us to share our computer screens, applications, and even websites. This makes it possible for you to share your prototype with the rest of the class for our discussions. 

ETEC 750B Seminar in ETEC Issues: Instructional Development will have an online discussion session Thursday afternoon at 4:30 PM Hawaii time (7:30 PM Mountain Time). The meetings will take place on Elluminate at the following URL: https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2009377&password=M.9379A03AFDEEDB7D7A5C3D4B0D7CBC






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