Problem-Centered Strategy

This course is a problem-centered course. The primary problem for this course is to design and develop a short course based on First Principles of Instruction.  You will need to select a topic for your course as your first activity . In the process of acquiring the instructional development skills for this course you will also engage in solving another set of real world problems, that is, using the e3 Course Evaluation Rubric to evaluate existing courses. Being able to recognize the use of First Principles of Instruction in other courses will help you acquire the skill to use First Principles of Instruction in your own instructional development.

The central principle is the problem- or task-centered principle. 
“Learning is promoted when learners are engaged in a problem- or task-centered instructional strategy involving a progression of whole real-world tasks.” 

This problem centered principle is elaborated in the following paper:

Merrill, M. D. (2007). A task-centered instructional strategy. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 40(1), 33-50 [Click here for copy of this paper].







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