Studio Approach

For those who have registered as a workshop participant or who are taking this course through a university for college credit we will use the following approach for your application and feedback on your work.

This course will use a studio approach to learning. The basic activity of this approach is development of a functional prototype.   Each of the tasks in the course requires development of part of a functional prototype that you will submit online according to your project schedule. When a deliverable is posted it will be critiqued by at least 2 of your fellow course participants and by the instructor. The expectation is that you will then consider the suggestions of the critics and revise the prototype as you are inspired by the criticism you receive. 
Functional prototypes tend to be rather large. Furthermore it is desirable in a studio approach to be able to see the original prototype along with its revisions. It is therefore suggested that you establish a a web site or wiki where you can post and revise your prototype. When you post a prototype you will then notify the course participants via the discussion board or email that you have posted the prototype for a task. Course participants will then visit your web site or wiki to review your prototype and will post their suggestions and critique to the forum in the discussion board corresponding to your work.

Free wikis are available at the following URLs. You may have other sources that you would prefer to use. A wiki is suggested rather than a web site especially if you are collaborating with other participants on your project.







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